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Dr. Ramo dedicated his life to providing Dentists, Dental Specialists
and patients the best advice for the best results. Dr. Ramo has worked
with thousands of dentists around the world to develop their skills and
improve their case acceptance:

  • 15,000 Dentists and dental specialists in California
  • 20,000 Dentists and Dental specialists in the United States
  • 2000 Dentists and Dental specialists internationally
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This is the only website of its kind, providing doctors and patients the information they need for the best results.

Also, has all the US Dental Schools

Patients: On this site, Dr. Ramo provides guidance for finding a qualified doctor as well as listing the best of the best doctors in the dental industry, giving patients peace of mind knowing that they are receiving medical treatment from the best.

  • How to find a dentist or dental specialist in your area,
    around the world
  • How to choose the doctor that suits your needs
  • What question do you need to ask and what to look for when you get to the office
  • How insurance works, how to get the right prices for the treatment
  • What to look for to: protect your privacy; protect your health and getting the best treatment
  • How to contact those doctors

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Doctors:Doctors can also benefit from the best of the best services. This resource provides Doctors with the best suppliers and repair services, legal and financial services, real estate services for expansion, and marketing — all directly from Dr. Ramo’s personal rolodex!

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