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About Us

Spending over 35 years in the dental industry taught me a lot. I decided to share what I learned with Doctors and patients alike, to prevent them from getting into situations where they have to make some sacrifices or compromises. What doctors will learn is how to have their dreams and aspirations as dentists accomplished by minimizing their mistakes or eliminating them. The patients will learn how to deal with dental professionals to maximize their benefits throughout treatment and their dental care.

Very few people in the world went through what I have been through. I worked every position in a dental office, I dealt with different demographics of patients. With all the experiences I encountered I learned, and did it better the next time. I worked for and with the best of the best in the industry, I had a lot of dental work performed on me and my family from different doctors, I experienced this industry from both sides. All of us should remember the dental profession is a part of the health care system and it has been neglected by a lot of Government officials around the world, the dental insurance coverage is really much lower than the human needs for a complete and comprehensive care for any patient, we need to review our insurance coverage, in 1970 the maximum insurance coverage per patient per year was between $1,000 to $1,500 at that time the average crown prices was around $500, now in 2009 we have the same insurance coverage per year and the average crown prices is around $1,200.

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I need the public and the doctors to work together to elevate this important segment of the health care system and make all parties more educated to create a better oral health awareness environment. Get more information about new mobile slots

Here is my CV, I am willing to answer any question from patients and doctors on this website to provide each interested person a comprehensive answer.