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Dr. Amin Ramo

Dr. Ramo at the Great Wall of China

Dr. Ramo at the Great Wall of China

Dr. Amin Ramo is an outstanding industry-recognized dental management/operations senior entrepreneur and executive with a documented record of extraordinary results in integrating Quality and Service, marketing and system/patient care functions to meet the needs of all patients. He has proven ability to develop facilities and managing processes, control operating costs, and generate profits. Well-versed in current state of the art dental systems, including Cosmetic, Implant, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics, Endodotics, Geriatric, prosthodontics and Preventive Dentistry.

  • Innovation in Patient Care
  • Treatment Planning and case acceptance
  • Lean operations process

Professional Experience

Dental Implant Institute Las Vegas (DIILV) 2006- 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada / Beverly Hills, California
Chief Operations Officers
Invited speaker

Ramo Practice Management, Inc. 2000 – 2006
RM&M Management, Inc.
R&N Management, Inc.
La Jolla Dental Management
San Diego, CA / Bakersfield, CA

Dedicated Dental Systems, Interdent 1996 -2001
Bakersfield, CA / Northern, CA
Director of Operations

Western Dental Services, Inc. 1995 -1996
Garden Grove, CA
Director of Orthodontic Acquisition,
Director of Professional Placement and Development.

Smilecare Dental Group 1993 -1995
Irvine, CA
Director of Clinical Operations

Howard M. Stein Dental Group 1978 -1993
Los Angeles County, CA
Chief Operations Officer

Education and Professional Credits

Harvard School of Dental Medicine: Harvard International Comprehensive Implant Dentistry course.

Dental Implant Institute Las Vegas, Nevada: Hydraulic sinus condensing, Horizontal and Vertical Translation, 5in 1 Chen technique, Implant complications management, Implant 101

Invited lecturer: Dental Implant institute Las Vegas

Invited Lecturer: Dubai, UAE

Loma Linda University (Loma Linda, California): Operative Dentistry, Diagnosing and Treatment Planning, Crown & Bridges and Removable Prosthetics.

University Of California Los Angeles: Diagnosing and Treatment Planning.

University of California San Diego: Management leadership , Accounting , Motivation and Financial Planning

Gholdoian Group Seminars: Patient acceptance and patient services

Executive Insights: The Keys to Success


Patients are the true asset. Their needs are top priority. Patients need to be well informed, accurately diagnosed, promptly and courteously serviced with the highest quality and care a dentist can provide.


Doctors should feel a sense of ownership and pride in their jobs, their work place, and their leaders. They should be able to build a strong connection with the patients and focus their time and effort in providing quality dentistry while being professional and personable.


Quality service is essential to attract new patients and keep current ones. Good service start with the first contact the patient experience with the organization. Good service includes proper scheduling, courteous and friendly reception, accurate and comprehensive diagnosis, high quality treatment, through an effective flow.


Technology creates tremendous opportunities: Digital X-Rays, Virtual Case presentation, inter-oral cameras, Latest Cosmetic products and services, Integrating Specialty services with General Dentistry, Paperless offices and many other new methodologies that continue to be developed. It is crucial to stay “ahead of the wave” without losing sight of the personal touch that will ensure happy patients.


Quality should never be compromised. Standards must be set and rigorously measured; action must be taken to improve performance and strive for perfection. Accurate reporting is essential to monitor reworks, rejects, and process integrity. Effective analyses allow for improvement of processes and enhancement of services based on patient demand. Patients expect perfection and will pay for it. The investment made in quality assurance will yield results through reduced rework, and customer satisfaction.


Employees should feel a sense of ownership and pride in all aspects of their jobs, the conduct of the company, and the integrity of their leaders. They should be committed to the doctors and the patients. They form the link between the patients, the doctor, and the administration. A happy and effective workforce is vital to a company’s operation and longevity.


Cost containment is critical for a Dental Corporation survival and long-term success. Continuous improvement processes should be proactively pursued. Costs of labor, dental supplies, dental laboratories, utilities, and other essential expense components can be difficult to manage; it is essential to differentiate controllable costs from fixed costs.

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