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Dental Repairs

What to look for from your repairs company:

  1. Keep a record for every repair done in your office, to find out if the handpiece or the chairs got repaired did not break again in a short time.
  2. Beware of hourly rate, and make sure you are not charged for traveling.
  3. Get an estimate about minimum or maximum, most repairs in our business are straight forward and an experienced repair person will be able to give you this estimate, don’t forget to have an estimate about the time.
  4. Check the warranty and see if the repair is covered.
  5. Major repair, be sure to find out the price of a new instrument or machine before you authorize the repair.
  6. Do not get a handyman to repair dental equipments or instruments, it is cheap at the beginning but it will cost you more on the long run.
  7. Before you call for a repair find out about the problem first:
    • Check electrical panels
    • Check electrical connections
    • Check obstructions in lines
    • Make sure your employees following the manufacturer instructions on usage
    • Check if the machine is turned on (I know offices payed money for a repairman to come in and turn the switch on)
  1. Reasonable prices, great customer service, immediate services:
    Kings two Dental Supply
    918 Canada Court
    City of Industry, Ca 91748
    (800) 715-5464
    Taylor Liao :(626) 581 8137
  2. Great prices and customer service:
    H&H Best Instrument & Repairs for Instruments
    (800) 491-9989