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Implant / Bone Companies

Dental Implant Market Statistics

Dental Implant Market Statistics

Potential Market for Dental Implants

  • About 110 million teeth are replaced worldwide annually
  • Only 15% of patients who chose to receive treatment for missing teeth are receiving dental implants
  • 285 million people in the developed world are missing one or more teeth and have not yet received dental treatment
  • 55 million patients have received conventional therapy but may require re-treatment in the future
  • Assuming a 10% market penetration this equates to a market potential opportunity estimated at $85.5B & $16.5B
  • In summary: a worldwide opportunity worth $102B

NEW DENTAL IMPLANT: A new dental Implant will be introduced in May 2009. Made in the USA, FDA approved. Impeccable quality/ 8 years in use around the world with great success.

Good price: $90 for implant /  Abutments starts at $40.

IMPLANTS: In my opinion, these are the best implants on the market (Ranked). Other new implants on the market like a Korean company (Dio) still have some problem with parts and integration with bones, although they have a good price. Remember, go to my forum and let me know what implants you are using and I will make sure to give you a clear evaluation.

  1. Nobel Biocare: (800) 332-5001
  2. Biohorizons: (866) 872-9785
  3. Lifecore: (800) 752-2663
  4. Straumann: (800) 420 9605
  5. Zimmer Dental: (800) 854 7019 ext 1847 
  6. MIS: (201) 797-914
  7. 3I Implant Innovations, Inc.: (800) 342-5454

BONES: In my opinion, these are the best bones on the market (Ranked)

  1. Osteohealth CO: (800) 874-2334
  2. Curasan: (919) 941-9770
  3. Harvest Technologies: (877) 8.HARVEST
  4. Medtronic: (800) 364-4245
  5. Coastal Implants: (800) 200-3581
    As an implants company Steve Grand (president) always provided me with good reasonably priced bones.
  6. Osseous Technologies of America: (866) 901-5050
    A new product from this company in Newport Beach Ca , I was impressed. Contact William K. Knox (president)