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Influential Dentists

Dr. Malament

Dr. Malament received his D.D.S degree from N.Y.U. College of Dentistry and a Master’s Degree from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry. He currently maintains a full time private practice limited to prosthodontics in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Dr. Stein

The doctors who served in World War II were the pioneers in Group Dentistry. They Implemented the military system in running multi-specialty offices. The most famous dentist who set all systems for multi-specialty dental Group was Howard M. Stein DDS in California. His systems are used now all over the US for multi-specialty offices. Dr. Stein was a great influential doctor who changed the face of dentistry in the 20th Century and beyond, making dentistry available for the masses.

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Dr. Nevins

With his teaching , articles and seminars he made implants and tissue management simpler to understand and he mentored doctors in perodontics and implants.

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Dr. Fiorellini

Dr. Fiorellini runs the most successful perio program in the US , classy scientist and the most enthusiastic professor.

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