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Howard M. Stein, DDS

Dr. Amin Ramo and Dr. Howard M. Stein

Dr. Ramo and Dr. Stein

16592 Nalu Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 840-7833
(714) 846-9579 Fax
Born: September 27, 1922
Newark, New Jersey


Peshine Avenue Grammar School, Newark, New Jersey 1927 – 1936

Weequahic High School, Newark, New Jersey 1936 – 1940

North Carolina State College, Raleigh, North Carolina 1940 – 1943
Major: Agricultural Economics

Columbia University, New York, New York February 1946 – June 1946
Pre-Dental Courses

Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis, Indiana September 1946 – June 1950
Degree: Doctor of Dental Surgery

Army Service June 1943 – January 1946
U S Army Infantry and Dental Corps

Work History

Private Dental Practice, Millburn, New Jersey July 1950 – December 1950

Government Service, February 1951 – June 1952
United States Veterans Administration Hospital,
Sawtelle, California Dental Clinic

University of Southern California School of Dentistry September 1951 – June 1952
Instructor Removable Prosthetics

Private Dental Practice 1952 – 1957
North Hollywood

Author 1960 – 1962
The Budget Guide to Europe, D. Van Nostrand Company

Real Estate Development 1962 – Present

Clinical Dental Practices 1965 – 1988
West Covina / Bellflower

Clinical Dental Practice 1980 – 1992
San Diego

Group Dental Practice September 1997 – September 1999 Salinas

Concurrent Activities

1962 – 1964 President of the American Academy of Dentists

1968 – Present Owned, operated, and upgraded seven large apartment complexes in Whittier, Garden Grove and El Cajon, California

1978 – 1982 Board of Dental Examiners of California, Professional Member

1982 – 1983 Developed, built, and sold 35 luxury condominium units in La Habra, California

1982 – 1992 Board of Cosmetology, Public Member

1992 – 1997 Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, Public Member

1997 – Present Barbering and Cosmetology Disciplinary Review Committee

1999 – Present Board of Behavioral Sciences, Public Member

1989 – 1994 Designed and Built five luxury homes in Huntington Harbour

1995 – 1998 Huntington Harbour Property Owners Association
Chairman, Architectural Review Committee

1997 – Present Redesigned and Rehabilitated and Operate and Manage 241 multiple unit apartment house, Lacey, Washington

2000 – Present Operate and Manage a 216 multiple unit apartment house, Peoria, Arizona

2001 – Present Operate and Manage a 134 Multiplex Unit apartment House, Kennewick, Washington

California Regulatory Board Accomplishments

Board of Dental Examiners 1979 – 1983 (March)

Dental Practice Act, California Code Of Regulations

Article 5 General Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation

1043. Definitions
Involved in some of the language and concepts

1043.1 Permit Requirements
Involved in language and concepts

1043.2 Composition of Onsite Inspection and Evaluation Teams
Wrote most of the language of this part of the regulation

1043.3 Onsite Inspection
Shepherded the language in its original form for this regulation

1043.4 Evaluations
Shepherded the language in its original form for this regulation

1043.5 Fees
Impacted this section to some extent

1043.6 Grading of Inspection and Evaluation
Responsible for the concept of this regulation and to most of its language

1043.8 Renewal
Some input

Answering Services and Devises for Oral Surgeons
Introduced and had passed by the B.D.E. policy which required all oral surgeons when not at their offices to use either an answering service or telephone answering machine.

Dental Practice Act California Code Of Regulations

Article 4. Graduates Of Foreign Dental Schools

1040. Application And Licensure Requirements
Evaluated and approved all foreign dental school graduate candidates for examinations from 1979 through 1982

Chapter 3. Dental Auxiliaries

Article 2. Education Programs

Significant imput in regulations for expanded duties for dental auxiliaries. Championed dental auxiliaries expanded duties at almost every meeting of the B.D.E. for three years.

Diversion Programs Dental Practice Act

Article 5.5 Impaired Licentiates Program

1020.1 THROUGH 1020.8
Worked with the committee chairperson from the conception of the program through B.D.E. approval for regulation.

Board of Dental Examiners
Held and cast the deciding vote that elected the first female president of the California Board of Dental Examiners.

Employed and monitored many dentist probationers at the request of the B.D.E.





Lead crusade to merge Barbers and Cosmetology Boards.

Revised and cleared new health and safety curriculum.

Guide occupational analysis which resulted in examination changes that shifted focus from haircutting to consumer protection.

Reined in school owners.

Tactical planning for Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to fight sunset.